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LCD DESIGNS >> TUTORIALS >> Make a heart...Valentine's not faraway:-)

Start off by getting the shape. If u r using PS 7 the heart shape is already in the shapes palette. If u have PS 6, we can make the shape looking like pretty much cool!!

Create a new layer and draw a perfect circle. Press Ctrl+T to transform it and select Distort from the right click menu. Pull the middle handle outwards in the west direction like this.

Next press Ctrl+Alt and drag the layer to the right. Again transform it and this time choose Flip horizontal from the menu. Adjust it with the first layer to make a perfect heart shape. Now, press Ctrl+E to merge the two shape layers.

Next, we will apply the layer styles.

Drop Shadow: Distance(10), Spread(6), Size(21)

Outer glow: Black, Softer, Spread(0), Size(5)

Bevel & Emboss: Depth(1000), Size(29), Smooth(16), Gloss Contour (Cove Deep), Shadow(100%)

Color Overlay: Pure Red(100%)

Well that's it for the heart...a good gift for ur Girl Friend...isn't it?


Here's what I got!